From November 10, 2015 a biometric visa is required to enter Guinea Bissau. All foreign nationals entering Guinea Bissau are required to have a valid international travel document in the form of a national passport complete with a valid visa sticker bond obtained from the Border Control checkpoint at Osvaldo Vieira International Airport.


All individuals seeking to obtain a visa are requested to apply for the Guinea Bissau Visa by filling in the online application form. Please follow the instructions for filling the form by following the step by step procedure.


Nationals of other countries must present a valid passport or valid national identity card (for ECOWAS citizens). The single-entry biometric visa for a stay of up to 90 days is issued after prior collection of biometric data (fingerprints, photo) and biographical data of the applicant. It also requires the provision of information on travel and accommodation. This biometric visa is currently issued only on arrival at Guinea Bissau International Airport (more locations may be added later).


There are two ways to apply for a Guinea Bissau visa: on arrival at Guinea Bissau International Airport or on the Electronic Visa Application website. If you are applying for visa on arrival it is required to have letter of authorisation from the Migration Office of Guinea Bissau together with a valid travel document. To receive the aforementioned letter of authorisation one must adhere to the following procedure:
  • You need to send details of your intention of arrival, duration of your visit with scanned passport to your contact in Guinea Bissau.
  • Your contact needs to take your documents to the Migration Office and fill in the request for the aforementioned letter of authorisation.
  • Your request is processed and approved/rejected by the Chief Officer of the Migration Office.
  • When your request is approved your contact sends you letter of authorisation via email or fax. You need to print out the aforesaid letter of authorisation and show it when applying for visa.
In the event that you do not have contact in Guinea Bissau you can send your request directly to Mr. Mutaro Embalo (Chief Migration Officer).

If you are applying through the Electronic Visa Application System pre-enrolment is done online on the following website:, upon payment (online payment) to which a processing fee of 2.5 EUR is added. These amounts are not refunded if the visa is not granted. We cannot refund payments for unused e-Visas after your application for Visa has been approved.

If the request is accepted, the applicant receives a visa issuing confirmation (by email if the request is made online), required at the border crossing / entry to the country. Upon payment and visa confirmation you will receive visa slip that serves as a receipt. This receipt needs to be printed and needs to be shown to the visa officer at the chosen border crossing with your passport. The aforementioned pre-visa slips can also be used by airline companies to grant passengers approval to board.

Foreigners who frequently travel to Guinea Bissau may ask for a 90 day visa with multiple entries or a long-stay visa with multiple entries.

Guinea Bissau residents with dual nationality travelling with a foreign passport are exempt from visa requirements if they have a valid Guinea Bissau passport or Guinea Bissau national identity card. The government VISA OFFICE reserves the right to reject applications.

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